A few of the World's best talk about the BEST for YOUR BODY.
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Sense' Beautiful Science. Care for the largest organ of your body with the best science can offer. Deluxe pack gives you everything you need for the whole family.

As everyone knows our health has become the top issue in peoples minds.  The desire for real solutions has become a top priority for all generations.  USANA has been focused on this issue since its inception as a HEALTH SCIENCE company. 

In the last 10 years the number of home-based businesses has increased 20 times to over 30 million operations. USANA is attracting people from all walks of life and in international markets across the globe to build USANA businesses that generate great earning potential, while staying with the guiding vision of TRUE HEALTH.  Whether you want to earn a part- or full-time income, USANA is a vehicle that can help make that desire a reality. In the following section you can view a presentation, see an explanation of the pay plan, and read success stories of individuals who are already succeeding with the global USANA business opportunity.

Why USANA, Why Now?

Timing - Seventy-six million baby boomers are aging, and they are looking for products that make them look and feel better. USANA is poised to help you meet this demand by offering quality products in a growing nutrition market. 

Experience - Don't have any experience at running your own business? Don't worry, USANA Does! The company began operations in September of 1992. USANA has passed the pioneering stage where many new companies fail, and is currently entering the momentum stage where fortunes are created.

Credibility - World-class athletes, best-selling authors, motivational speakers, and experienced business professionals have already joined forces with USANA. USANA's Scientific Advisory Council, on-staff Ph.D.s, physicians, and Distributor force include many highly-respected business and health care leaders who are recognized as the best in their industries. They offer credibility to greatly enhance your business-building efforts, and give you the assurance that USANA truly is the chance of a lifetime.

What's your dream? Join others who are reaching theirs, and let Usana help you achieve your dreams.
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The USANA Essentials? Top rated formula with guaranteed purity and potency. Supplements provide a broad range of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other micronutrients to maintain long-term health and well-being.* Exclusive formula contains USANA's patented Olivol® olive-fruit extract, an ingredient that cannot be found in any other multivitamin/mineral formula.
USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or www.usana.com.
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